Time is flying by and there really is a lot going on…. we want to share a few of the smaller, but no less important highlights of our summer with you here:

Christina gets her Level 1 certificate

If you’re wondering if our dance is fun for beginners, all you have to do is look at Christina’s smile when she was presented with her LVL 1 certificate, or listen to her talk about training with Julia. We are so proud of her and her progress!

Nora´s visit

One of the wonderful things about our dance is that people from all over the world can meet and dance together. Across all language barriers, the shared dance form unites us. That’s exactly why it immediately felt so familiar and secure when Nora from Peru danced with us.

How did it come about? Well, Nora, a wonderful dancer and a charming person, was in Europe for a wedding and was able to stay a bit longer afterwards to meet dancers she had previously only met online. During her time with Lisi Brümmer, the idea came up that she could maybe stay at Julia’s place as well. And this is exactly what happened. Not only did Nora join our weekly training, we also had a great time at Julia’s home and even made a trip to Krumau, where – completely surprisingly for us – the Festival of the Rose was taking place. This lead to us meeting even more other dancers there. After a spontaneous dance in front of a pub, we went back to Austria, where we used the remaining time for dancing together. It was really hard to say goodbye, but we are sure we will see each other again on- and offline.

Seing Nicole again

Nicole going back to America was not easy for any of us. Of course we are happy for her, for example when we see how much fun she has with her family. But we miss dancing together and just sitting down together, having a drink while chatting….

We were so happy that we at least got to meet up when she was here again for a little while this summer.

Julia´s first solo on a stage

Our friends Cordula and Max with their band Rhiannon are always part of the programme at the Linzer Landes-Ritterfest , and so it happened that Julia, who was actually only there as a visitor, was able to spontaneously dance her first solo. We would have loved to be there with her, but at least there are a few photos and videos.

The Anam-Mobile is ready

Finally, we Anams can be out and about in style when we travel to workshops or gigs together. And a bit of advertising does not hurt either, right?

Thanks to our friend Phil from the Printbusters, Julia’s car is now a proper Anam-Mobile!

What defines us

Love for the dance
Positive thinking
Thirst for knowledge
Full of energy
Open and honest
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