Marisa Raimund
I started taking ballet lessons when I was seven years old.

I always had many different interests. I quickly got bored with ballet and tried floor gymnastics. Through that I found an approach to rhythmic gymnastics and was quite good at it. But again, it didn't last long.

In my youth I rather pursued other hobbies. But by the age of 18 I wanted to dance again. I took a couple dance classes and stayed with it for a while. Then belly dance found me. When I took my first classes with my mother, I took her criticism to heart so much that I quit again.

I tried other sports like Capoeira or Wing Tsun, but nothing could interest me for long.

Until I found Martina Pichler, who offered belly dance classes very close to me. I tried it and stayed for a few years and got a lot of technical understanding for oriental belly dance and my body.

But honestly, ambition was never as much my strength as the attraction of the new. When classes were offered at the club for ATS, I was immediately excited and quickly fell in love with this style of dance. The whole coming together as one expirience. At that time I even managed to practice both types of dance. I had a dear dog, Gandi, and we depended on each other. As he grew old, dementia set in, and suddenly it became impossible for me to attend classes, as I could neither leave him alone nor take him with me. So there was a long break from dancing.

When we said goodbye for this life two years later, Daniela Nussbaumer called me to ask if I would like to try my hand at Anam Chara. That's how my path found me again and that's also how my friendship with Julia Stoiber began.

After a (I would almost say fateful) workshop in Hannover at the Calaneya Dance Academy with Gudrun Herold, we were completely hooked on FCBD and its possibilities. Since then Julia has not let go of my restless mind and we will see what treasures we can find on our way.
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