Nicole Bergmann
At the age of five Nicoles’ mother enrolled her at a local dance studio (Massachusetts, USA) to help her with her shyness. She quickly fell in love with the classes, costumes and make-up. She continued dancing into her early teens taking Ballet, Jazz and HipHop classes.

In September 2019 she decided to jump back into the flow world and joined several local Hula Hoop Classes. She was hooked!

Julia and Nicole met each other through the Austrian Expat world and having similar interests became quick friends. Nicole Joined Julias First FCBD Course in the begining of October 2020. Again the dance, costumes, make up and jewellery bewitched her and she has not stop dancing and collecting since. Just as Julia and Tina Nicole also started taking casses with Gudrun Herold and is constantly working on her technique.

Currently Nicole is spending a year in America with her family. Because of this, she is of course not active here in Austria. But luckily a shared dance is only a zoom meeting away.
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What defines us

Love for the dance
Positive thinking
Thirst for knowledge
Full of energy
Open and honest
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