Every year, an event takes place that unites the community dancing to one song and also makes it visible to the outside world. The “ATS®/FCBD®Flash Mob World Wide“.

We are very proud to have participated twice this year. Once with our dance sisters from Anam Chara, only a few metres away from the studio where we train together. And once as a trio in Oberneukirchen and Bad Leonfelden, where we were able to drum up a bit of publicity for Julia’s beginners’ course.

This year the chosen song was “Solovey” by Go_A.

Here are our two videos and, as a special treat, a behind-the-scenes look thanks to Julia’s vlog:

To find videos of other groups, use the following hashtags:

#atsfmww #atsfmww2022 #fcbdsfmww #fcbdsfmww2022

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Rome was wonderful! The Roma Tribal Meeting was wonderful! Julia, Elisabeth and Tina took part in many workshops, learned an incredible amount, met many already familiar faces and even more new ones, plundered the brilliant bazaar and of course sightseeing, good food and a drink or two were not neglected.

The time in Rom was also put to good use as we were able to record new interviews for our series “FCBD Faces”. Go check out our YouTube channel!

Julia took part in the Performance Intensive with Francesca Pedretti and was therefore also on stage on Saturday. A video of this will follow shortly. The same is true for the video “Caravan – A Dance Journey”… Both Julia and Tina took part in the second edition of this exciting project. It celebrated its premiere during the online show!

In addition, we were lucky enough to participate in the online show for the second time. Here you can watch our contribution, which we recorded together with the Ur-Ton Trommelern at Pöstlingberg, Linz:

And here’s the whole show:

The Utopia of Love @ Roma Tribal Meeting 2022:

Some pictures…

Photography during filming our video: Johann Lackner, Fotoklub Feldkirchen

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A Virtual Celebration of Spring! We are incredibly proud to be part of this global online event! The FatChanceBellyDance Style University called for video performances celebrating spring. Due to the strong participation – there will be over 50 videos from groups around the world – the event has been split into 3 dates.

Awakening of spring

Our video was made together with Anneliese and Margit from Anam Chara and with a lot of support from family and friends, whether in front of or behind the cameras. <3

The concept for this video was found very quickly, because it literally came to Julia in a dream. When she woke up the next morning, she excitedly called Tina to tell her everything and then we all started planning.

Our video can already be found on YouTube or in our media library.

Some pictures from our set:

Photography by Johann Lackner, Fotoklub Feldkirchen

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It’s so nice when you can exchange ideas with other groups from your own country. In August, we were able to participate in both the outdoor party and the online show of Caravanseray Vienna.

Here you can see the video that we produced for the online show and of course the full show itself!

Here are our performance at the outdoor party and the complete playlist of the show!

Outdoorparty – Pictures by Florian Hölbling:

Shortly after our founding, we had the honour to make our first appearance in the summer of 2021. It was the online show of the Roma Tribal Meeting and for Nicole and Tina this first step into the public eye was something very special, as they were still at the very beginning of their dance journey.

Here you can watch our Video:

Here is the complete show:

What defines us

Love for the dance
Positive thinking
Thirst for knowledge
Full of energy
Open and honest
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