Elisabeth Schiller
Assistant Director
I have always danced - as a child ballet, stepdance, folk dance, and after the obligatory dance course at 16 I was addicted to ballroom dancing. Unfortunately, I could only live out this passion for three short years, because I lost my dance partner - due to my studies. I swore to myself: From now on only solo dancing!

I continued with Hip Hop and Jazz, which I also taught myself. For a short time I broke my vow and joined a dance club with my husband. After a break due to my job I was looking for a dance challenge again and found it in belly dance. When Sylvia Assmann invited me to join her tribe, the Baubo Vibes, I knew this would suit me: a beautiful community, great costumes and a dance style that combines elegance and the need to fully concentrate on the fellow dancers.

A few years later, in 2011, some Baubo Vibes members founded a new groupe, Anam Chara, to which I belonged with great enthusiasm from the beginning and I always will. That I am now able to also be a member of Anam Damhsa makes me very happy - it is a new, additional challenge! But as the saying goes: one is a lifelong learner, and one is never too old for dancing anyway...
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What defines us

Love for the dance
Positive thinking
Thirst for knowledge
Full of energy
Open and honest
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